Young Scientist


A Guideline for Selecting Young Scientist Awardees of the ASSMO
  1. (Purpose)
    The Young Scientist Award is given for the distinguished presentations by young researchers at the Asian Congress of Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization (ACSMO). This guideline is to describe how to select awardees of the Young Scientist Award of the ASSMO.
  2. Award committee)
    1. The awards committee (“Committee” hereafter) is organized two months before the ASSMO. The Committee consists of fifteen members mainly consisting of the participants of the Congress from the three most contributing countries of the current ACSMO.
    2. The Committee members are divided into three groups that are chaired by the President and two Co-Presidents.
    3. The Committee reports to the General Chair of the ACSMO three or four awardees.
  3. (Eligibility of awardee)
    The awardee must be a person under 40 years old on the last day of the year when the ACSMO is held, and must be the first author of an oral presentation. The awardee should have either a Ph.D degree or compatible research experience in the field of structural and multidisciplinary optimization, and have prospective contribution to the research and practice in the related fields.
  4. (Assessment)
    1. The assessment consists of a preliminary review and an on-site evaluation. The preliminary review is conducted based on abstracts and presentation materials. The on-site evaluation is made during oral presentations.
    2. Through the preliminary review on abstracts and presentation materials, the candidates are selected prior to the Congress. Details on evaluation for the preliminary review are determined by the Committee.
    3. The Committee assigns at least one member for each nominee for the evaluation of his/her oral presentation on-site.
  5. (Selecting awardees)
    1. The Committee selects three or four awardees by vote based on the preliminary review on abstracts and presentation materials and the on-site evaluation for oral presentations.
    2. In case of a tie, there will be another vote for those who have the largest votes.

  6. Date: February 06, 2018